Terms of issue of F2C BONDS
Crypto bonds managed by a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain.

27.04.2020 Third coupon crediting
In one transaction from the Binance exchange, an operation was made to enroll the benefit of the manager of the smart contract in the amount of 9,633.5 USDT
28.01.2020 Second coupon crediting
In one transaction from the Binance exchange, an operation was made to enroll the benefit of the manager of the smart contract in the amount of 8,383.5 USDT
Now the history of coupons F2CBT looks like https://etherscan.io/address/0x05eC0D5a8b19Eab764feDA318702d7f4A68aD096#tokentxns
05.11.2019 Coupon reinvestment
One of our investors reinvested funds from the coupon income into the acquisition of another 69 F2CBT
30.10.2019 Accrual of the first coupon
In one transaction from the Binance exchange, an operation was made to enroll the benefit of the manager of the smart contract in the amount of 7,357.5 USDT
09.09.2019 Placement of F2C Bonds
Placement 276 F2CBT
02.09.2019 Placement of F2C Bonds
Placement 9 F2CBT
23.08.2019 Placement of F2C Bonds
Placement 9 F2CBT
19.08.2019 Placement of F2C Bonds
Placement 10 F2CBT
Main characteristics of a crypto asset
Quotation Currency
Quotation accuracy
4 digits
Registration date in the distributed registry
Market Maker
Smart Contract
Date of Issue
Name of the CryptoAsset
Corporate coupon crypto bond
Token ERC20
Current coupon rate
54 % per annum
Issue currency
Issue Size
6000 bonds
Par Value
100 USDT
Volume size in USDT
600 000 USDT
Total coupons to be paid
360 000 USDT
Type of Coupon Rate
Fixed 13.5%
Circulation Term
360 days
Coupon dates
30.10.2019; 28.01.2020; 27.04.2020; 26.07.2020
Date of maturity
The period of time used to calculate the remuneration
The calculation of coupon interest on F2CBond is made on the basis of 360/30 (360 days per year / 30 days per month).
Terms and method of repayment of F2CBond
F2CBond are redeemed at par value in USDT with simultaneous payment of the last coupon interest.
Smart Contract Developer Details
ООО "Belov IT Lab" | Smartcontract.ru
Smart Contract Auditor Information
Payment Agent Details
Paying agent is not required. Payment of coupon and face value will be made according to the program code of the smart contract.
The procedure for informing of bond holders by the Issuer about its activities
The issuer informs bond holders about their activities and financial condition by publishing messages on the official website of F2C.DEV, the official telegram channel, STEEMIT.COM and via e-mails.
Road map
August 2019
Start of placement F2CBond
September 2019
Launching cryptoprocessing testing
October 2019
User Interface Development
November 2019
Payment of the first coupon by F2CBond
December 2019
-Testing API
-Integration of the system Lotus/Domino
February 2020
- Payment of the first coupon on F2CBond
- Integration internal accounting systems
March 2020
Integration with remote authentication and verification services
May 2020
Payment of the second coupon on F2CBond
August 2020
- Payment of the third coupon on F2CBond
November 2020
Payment of the fourth coupon and redemption of F2CBond
Project Economics
Description of cash flows securing payments on coupons and repayment of the Principal Amount of the Issue.
Servicing CIS markets
The total market is at least USD 30 million per day. Estimated income of 1 000 000 USDT
Sale of franchises for F2C service
500 000 USDT.
NeoETF.Fund Service fees
Capitalization of NeoETF Fund is equal to 108 million USDT. 1% of the amount of income income service F2C.DEV equals 1,080,000 USDT.
Selling "All-inclusive Services"
1 000 000 pachages
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